Lignano Sabbiadoro, 2024


International Design Competition

The Golden Sand Waterfront
luogo: Lignano Riviera
anno: 2024

con arch. Enrico Sello, dott. Roberto Barazzuol, dott. arch. Giulia Tambone, dott. arch. Beatrice Nardini, dott. arch. Arianna Furlani

SINGULAR ∙ PLURAL – Being on the “riviera” means approaching something vast, liquid, be it sea or river. From a higher position, even slightly, one descends and overlooks, one visually experiences waterfront even before reaching it: from a distance. This relationship with the sea makes one privilege any path orthogonal to it over the parallel lines of a waterfront that is difficult to cross. We have, for this reason, interrupted the Riccardo Riva avenue down the former Unicef Park to make the city/sea relationship more practical, logical and safe. We are talking about the city that today is made up only of houses and streets without having a square, a privileged place, a significant centre where everything converges.
All the routes that start from the built-up area must have a direct access, a sign of arrival and departure of this strong and clear relationship.
A city that today does not have a centre, an open space, a square, now finds it with an energetic building with functions of exhibition, of gathering people, of belvedere, of being outdoors, indoors, or of opening up to paths in the green in a circular form, in a promenade through a park of light, all the way to the sea or the river.
The same city that now perceives the river as a peripheral area, disconnected from the heart of seaside life, rediscovers the richness of a welcoming and well-equipped riverfront where people can experience and admire the vastness of the coastal landscape.
A long linear park where ecological, social and recreational issues coexist, connects all the regenerated points in a unified system.
So many fragments of a story now become a figure, allow and facilitate this relationship sea/river/city.
This tension, this dance make riviera into a series of linked episodes and events where the individual riviera, seen as plural, becomes ‘Riviere’.

Project categories: Eutopia

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